Sunday, January 15, 2012

      okay I couldn't stand it any longer! i put the kids to bed and dug out the photo book my mom gave me when i moved into my house! she has photos, samples, all kinda of neat things in this little book! i flipped it open and the first thing i seen was ' Kingwood Center, The legacy of Charles Kelley King '. I LOVE Kingwood Center. Growing up when my family and i visited Ohio, we went to Kingwood and i told my parents, THIS is where i want to get married some day! At the time they didn't do weddings, but since I've moved to Ohio, they have started doing weddings!!!! crazy right? maybe some day after all i will get married there. Anyway you can read about it here . my WONDERFUL aunt Cindy has written a little piece about it. Shes pretty wonderful herself!
      But, back to getting my book out! As you can see I'm one who is distracted by shiny things, and paint brushes lol after looking at the kingwood book, there were pictures of the house. I have to admit its not AS blue as i remembered it being! maybe it just struck me because it was blue at all? I was so accustomed to my 'cookie cutter' houses from California! but really it was mostly white? huh who knew? See!?

Circa 1998ish to my best estimate
      But do you see this blue?! and it even on the inside porch! Ah ha! I just keep coming across the pictures! the back porch which is also used as the main entrance to the house is...BLUE! It got a pretty face-lift when i moved it. I have to say i was thrilled when my dad say 'yellow siding'. all i could think was my old bedroom when i was a kid, it was yellow, my mom says highligher yellow, i say crayola yellow. so you can imagine my surprise when i seen the beautiful buttery yellow that it is.  Along with the siding came windows and a roof. i love how my front window is just two windows now, instead of all the little windows. i don't think they even opened at the time? But thanks to my wonderful mom and dad we had a face lift in which you see in my first post!
      well im off to take organize the pictures and see what all ive got in my nifty book from mom! and maybe sneak in some pintrest time! i have to limit myself there, you all should know why!!
TillyFixes :)

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  1. Thanks for posting that link to my blog, Chantelle! Yes, I see the blue!! Do you use the closed in porch much? I always think a house like that would be good for my cats - they could have the porch to sit and look out the windows! Where I'm at, I can let them out because we aren't near a busy street, but if I move, I'll probably have to keep them inside. Your house looks like what they called an "Arts and Crafts" or "Craftsman" style home.